About us


to our clean welcoming studio, that allows for a great relaxed experience.

Resident in house artists include Paul and Jake (who also does piercing) and Colin who manages the studio and also takes care of laser removals.  For enquiries pop into the studio and have a chat with a member of the team.Our focus is on clean and original tattoos, spanning a range of styles.  We custom design all our own artwork and ensure that every tattoo is solid whilst being executed with a high level of precision and our artists aim is to interpret your ideas into something unique that will stand the test of time.


Lasering is seen as the gold standard starting point for solving tattoo problems.  Cover up work, where old tattoos are hidden with new tattoos is not advised without consultation as it is unusual for a new tattoo to simply just hide an old one.When a cover up is done badly the end results are often cheap, nasty and muddy looking despite usually being quite expensive. We can advise on cover up work, as to where it can and can’t work, and as to where a combination of laser reduction and cover up work will be of benefit to the customer.  For more information on laser removal take a look here.